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A crummy bare slim bird snooped-about while skaging in the hatcheck room

Posted in Voyeur by admin on the January 30th, 2010

Sauna changeroom spying on a bottom nude girl

Who is this babe whose nude long legs, small waist, big funbags and hairless valley have been captured on the sauna voyeur camera? An escort babe? Perhaps. A girlfriend of a money-bag? Maybe. But does this truly signify while you can spy on this beautilicious babe as she gets nude, smokes a cigarette and gussies up?

A summer skirt, a light-blue sweatshirt, pink knicks and a white titbag are the clothes this unknown boobiferous bird has cast away before lighting a ciggie. Being fully nude, the sweetie clutches and imbibes something, but then puts on a big wiper (it looks like she feels cold) and remains enjoying her cigarette…

Changeroom voyeur shot of a smoking girl

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